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Hi Codeforces!

Today I'd like to introduce the new Competitive Programming Hall of Fame project that is available at



A long time ago I've noticed that there is no single source of information with the results of previously held large programming competitions. Moreover, plenty of older championships don't maintain their websites anymore, and it becomes hard or even impossible to find any details about them, which is pretty sad. So I've decided to create Competitive Programming Hall of Fame.

About the project

Competitive Programming Hall Of Fame is a project created to preserve the history of international championships in competitive programming. This website collects the results of the final stages for both worldwide and regional contests. By international championship we mean a contest consisting of several stages available for competitors from more than one country.

The project is mostly focused on worldwide contests that have onsite finals, and on smaller championships with no more than 100 finalists. For each of the participants there is a profile page with a timeline and track record of their performance in various final events.

Example: timelines of two well-known champions

We divide all championships into 5 categories: Worldwide Onsites (Major Competitions), Worldwide High School and Collegiate Onsites, Worldwide Online Championships, Regional Contests, and Local Contests.

More information on these categories

How can you contribute

You can contribute to the Competitive Programming Hall of Fame by providing information that is missing or wrong on the website. Please use either the form at or comments/DM at Codeforces for it.

We will be especially happy if you find and share something from this list:

  • Information about any international competitive programming championship that is missing on the website;
  • Wrong data on the website, duplicate profiles for the same person, or profiles of different people mistakenly merged into one;
  • Wrong name spelling;
  • Team members and prizes for ICPC World Finals 2005 and earlier;
  • Standings (with the number of problems solved and penalty) for ACM-ICPC World Finals 2009, and for 1998 and earlier;
  • Team members for Google Hash Code and Challenge24 (any year).


I express my appreciation to aropan (, eduardische (, kostka (, snarknews (, zibada (, unknown author of, MikeMirzayanov, and all the authors of (Codeforces) blogs with lists of finalists for creating resources that share our mission to preserve the history of competitive programming contests. Without them our website couldn't have as much detailed data as it has today. Also, I would like to say thanks to aropan, DAle, Romka and tourist for some helpful pre-launch advice.

Feel free to spread the word about this website, and to use its materials in your blogs, video streams, and social pages.

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