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Some of my thoughts about recent contests and codeforces

Revision en2, by dblark, 2021-10-04 18:00:08

In my perspective, recent div.1 contests (maybe also include div.2) are much harder than before in codeforces.

In round 743 (div.1), problem A is only 1800 while problem B is 2500, then C is 2700, such a huge gap.

In round 745 (div.1), problem A is 1700, problem C is 2200 while problem B is 2600 and problem D is 2900.

If you participate in (or virtual participate in) these two contests, I think you must agree that they're much harder than previous contests. I don't think it's a coincidence, though problems are always getting harder though time lol

On AtCoder, ARC has returned and ABC has added more problems which means the difficulty is increased.

So maybe codeforces are started to change? I think now the difficulty of div.1 is more close to AGC, but I'm no so sure.

I'm glad to hear your ideas ^_^

btw, i hope someone could tell me some methods to train to deal with recent problems, they're hard and focus more on thinking which i'm not so used to ;)


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