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The true life of pupil in China

Revision en1, by cutecxj, 2021-10-06 11:58:21

Hello! I am a popil come from China. Do you really think it's easy for pupil? Exactly no! For normal, we need to do a plenty of problems(which was called "题海战术" in chinese),in Maths,English and Chinese.For me,I have done a book of 100 pages in the five-day holiday.That makes me really...bad.

My Normal Day 6:40 Get up

7:20 Go to school

7:40 Get to school

8:00~18:00 Have class

18:20 have dinner

18:30~21:30 Have extra lessons

21:30~22:30 OI

22:30~23:30 Homework

23:30~0:30 Homework or sleep


Every day,we are under pressure both from study,teacher and parent,I ususlly find my head painful......

Can you inmage?

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