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Daily Contests For Everyone!

Revision en1, by coderdhanraj, 2021-11-09 12:04:34

Hello Everyone!!

I will be making mashups daily in this group so that everyone can practice improving their problem-solving skills. The contests would be consist of 8 problems and two and half an hour [150 minutes] to solve them for now and having an 800-1500 rating difficulties, would be increasing with time. I will also be making some topic-wise mashups every week (e.g. Binary Search, Bitmasking, Graphs, Dynamic Programming. etc) so that those who are weak in these topics can improve it and those who are good at it, can make their speed.

In the group, there would be an overall leaderboard (IFMO typed) (containing all occurred contests scores) so that a better competitive environment exists.

The overall Leaderboard Sample can be shown below: Overall Leaderboard

Anyone can join this group to participate in daily contests (mashups).

I will be waiting to see many participants in today's contest. Daily contests would be at 20:05 UTC, when a clash occurs with any real contest then the practice contest would not occur on that day.

Thank you.

Tags #mashups, #dailycoding, #candidate master


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