Codeforces Round #757 (Div. 2)

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Codeforces Round 757 (Div. 2)

I want to explain something about the same submissions on 1614A and 1614A, compared with Jeblqr's.

I got the account a few days ago, from one of my schoolmates, who just gave up the account and sent it to me.Seeing his account unrated, I wanted to raise its rating and set it as my second account on Codeforces.

Yesterday came the chance, as a contest of Div.2 was running.I just loginned my account (this one), and saw the contest running.Then I loginned the account Jeblqr, and started to participated in it.

However, for some invisible reasons, this account was not logouted. And my network condition wasn't good, so I had to do a same thing several times in different windows to ensure it was successful. As a result, each code I submitted would appear in two accounts. After the contest, I turned to this account again to solve the rest problems, and that was when I discovered that I had used two accounts to submit the same codes.

I'm quite sorry to use two accounts at the same time by mistake to participate. Later I won't use that account to participate, as long as I can use this one. As for the pernalities, I wish to ignore the rating changes of this contest (Codeforces Round #757 (Div. 2)), so that I can go higher next time.

Say sorry to Codeforces again.


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