About CodeChef Cheating

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10 mins ago a contest ended in CodeChef. I don't know you will believe me or not, 6 peoples submitted exact same code (just template is different), but I know they will not get skipped.

But why? Why CodeChef don't skip same solution just as CodeForces do?

Yes I know comparing CodeChef with CodeForces is shit, you maybe 5* in CodeChef but in CodeForces, maybe be you are newbie, yes that's the level of CodeChef & a 5* Coder in CodeChef, LOL, we all know that, even recruiters also do. Even the people who do cheating they have no future, no interest for ICPC or IOI, they are the worst people in our community & may GOD punish them for it.

But the thing is, why CodeChef don't skip same solution? Why they are not worried about their reputation & give MOTHER FUC*ING cheaters chance to do cheating? Any reason? Any CodeChef admin/moderator here who can clear that?


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