Essentials of Elementary Number Theory

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This is a blog starting from the very basics of number theory, in a way that flows fluidly from one concept to another and is based in developing an intuitive feeling for the basics of elementary number theory. This is not a blog to simply gloss over. I consider more of a guided exploration into the world of discovering things in the world of number theory, and I don't expect anyone to immediately understand all the insights in this blog. But if you put an honest effort into discovering how I find these insights you will find much use for my blog.

If you do not know some notation or some elementary theorem I use you should refer to this.

Elementary definitions

Greatest common divisor, Additive structure of residues mod n, and Bezout's Theorem

Multiplicative structure of residues mod n and Fermat's little theorem

Chinese remainder theorem and linear equations modulo n

Fundamental Theorem of arithmetic

Extended Chinese remainder theorem

Multiplicative functions and Mobius inversion

Primitive roots and modular logarithm

Probabilistic primality test


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