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So nobody is going to say something bout this?

Revision en1, by dimashicpc2023, 2021-12-13 05:33:19

Take a look at https://codeforces.com/contest/1591/submission/138874533, 138874829, 138874999, 138875499, 138875667, 138875761, 138875847, 138876598, 138877147, 138877547, 138877316, 138877848, 138876176, 138877972, 138876381. There seems to be something weird, eh? I haven't seen such interest in classic literature from programmers in a loooong time.

I mean, I'm as annoyed about blogs calling out cheaters as everybody else. But it's pretty funny that nobody comments about sixteen accounts occupying ranks 22-40, with submissions in every problem at the roughly same minute, and with fairly obvious signs of cheating.

On a more serious note, these cohorts of cheaters can probably silence out any blog/comment wrote against them with downvotes due to their numbers — and I have a feeling they have done so before, as I've seen mass downvotes (barely turned by mine and some friends' upvotes, and even then not enough to achieve attention) on comments calling up this specific individuals. So I guess sorry but I really need to beg for upvotes to make sure they don't kill my blog. (Thanks for helping if you did upvote.)

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