Nitin Singh Rawat(nitin_05) has been banned from codeforces

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Nitin Singh Rawat, Haldwani, India

From Lovely Professional University

has been cheating in codeforces for 9 months.

Nitin Singh Rawat aka nitin_05 once was a kind little boy. He had fun just by participating in competitions. Back then, his rating was under 1100, but he was happy with it.


But in his 13rd contest in May 28, he couldn't overcome the temptation of the devil and decided to cheat.

Although he got caught and his submissions were skipped, He couldn't forget the pleasure of solving Problem C for the first time in his life.

For the next 4 contests, he studied ways to avoid plagiarism check by cheating in different ways. like

adding useless instructions
changing variables to his name

but it all failed..


But finally, He realized the way to avoid plagiarism tests. And after that, he kept cheating and he became pupil, and then specialist, and finally he became expert!!

When he became expert, he was so proud of it so he even posted in his LinkedIn account!

Without knowing that he was doing something wrong, he just thought others were jealous of him being an expert.

Everyone would be happy if he just stoped at this point... but he got greedier and he didn't stoped cheating after he became expert.

they say An evil deed will be discovered. and Nitin Singh Rawat was finally banned from codeforces by continuos cheating. (you can see that by the absence of Talks, Send message buttons)

I heard that in India, your codeforces ratings are important when getting jobs (I don't know why). So I feel little sorry to Nitin Singh Rawat for inturrupting his Livelihood. But you should at least play fair in competitions.

I want to say sorry for all of you who was annoyed by my repeated comments accusing nitin_05 as a cheater. And I will stop spamming because I've finally achieved my goal.

BYE BYE Nitin Singh Rawat !!


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