Kotlin Heroes: Episode 8 Results

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Hello Codeforces!

Kotlin Heroes: Episode 8 was the third round of the Kotlin Heroes series in 2021. The “8” from “Kotlin Heroes: Episode 8” symbolizes our infinite respect for all who participated! We are very happy to see new people learn Kotlin and perform brilliantly in the competition. All the previous rounds are available to be used for practice here: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5: ICPC Round, Episode 6, and Episode 7.

Сongratulations to the top three contestants:

A Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and exclusive Kotlin stickers will be presented to:

These participants also won branded t-shirts:

We will contact the winners soon to coordinate the delivery of your prizes!

The Kotlin Heroes: Episode 8 practice round took place during the ICPC World Finals. Gennady “tourist” Korotkevich, a repeat winner of Kotlin Heroes, was solving the practice round tasks during the event opening. We invite you to watch this presentation.

For those who would like to get to know Kotlin better, we invite you to check out Kotlin Basics track on JetBrains Academy, take a look at basic Kotlin, solve Koans in the free course from JetBrains Educational Products, visit Kotlin Playground, check out the tutorial, and these videos on competitive programming in Kotlin.

More information about Kotlin Heroes contests: https://kotlinlang.org/lp/kotlin-heroes/.

We wish you luck and hope you enjoy Kotlin!


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