Codeforces 10 years!

It seems that just yesterday I was developing the basic Codeforces functionality and preparing the first round. In fact, 10 years have passed since then. Ten years!

Codeforces celebrates an unusual birthday - 10 years is a symbolic and important date. More than 700 rounds and open competitions have been hosted, the number of problems in the archive is close to 6000, more than 60 million submissions have been judged. Codeforces infrastructure is widely used in the world for making local competitions, training events, preparing problems for various contests.

Thanks to all the enthusiasts who help Codeforces: we are many! These are not only problem writers and testers, round coordinators, developers, authors of clever posts and comments. Friendly companies do not refuse to help, true friends are always there when the moment requires it, regardless of who and where is located geographically.

I appeal to the entire Codeforces audience to support the platform by participating in the anniversary crowdfunding campaign. Your donation will be a contribution to the future of Codeforces, will help its development and work. We need resources to continue to host rounds, not to stop developing, to innovate and to maintain the existing infrastructure.

With thanks,
Codeforces Founder and CEO
Mike Mirzayanov

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