Codeforces 5 years!

Codeforces was launched by me in January of 2010 in order to make life of algorithm and programming lovers more interesting and complete. I focused on three areas, which are being developed to the present day: contests (rounds and championships), social network (communication: blogs, comments, votes) and trainings.

The first version of Codeforces was written by me in the second half of 2009, shortly after the launch of the problem preparation service called Polygon. It quickly became clear that Codeforces requires large investments of time and effort. Constant growth of audience, interest in the competition rounds, and my confidence in usefulness of programming contests — that's the source of my inspiration from the start of Codeforces.

Five years is a considerable period of time and a symbolic date. The Codeforces team will be grateful and appreciate if you find the opportunity to congratulate us on the anniversary and make a donation to the future of Codeforces. Even the small amount can make a big difference.

The raised funds will be used to reward our contest authors and our problem coordinator, Maxim Zlobober Akhmedov, who does an incredible work preparing each round.

Thank you,
Founder and CEO, Codeforces
Mike Mirzayanov

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