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I'm really in need of some advice, I'm not asking the same old question "How to get better at CP", actually I'm confused if I'm doing it correctly or not

Here's my training method

  1. I solve on avg 10 problems everyday.
  2. I practice from Codeforces Problem Set, filtered by difficulty. For example, say some rating 'x', I set filter to [x,x+99], and solve $$$max(as_many_problems_i_can,100)$$$
  3. Then i move to x+1 th rating

I did a virtual contest today, and I screwed up C again. I checked the rating, it was rated 1600 and i haven't trained on 1600 problems yet.

I upsolved it anyways, and yeah it was kindof tricky compared to what i was solving recently.

So my question is, am i doing it correctly? Using CF Problemset and rating filters for my practice.

I tend to skip problems which are rated above my current training rating.

But here's a catch, i am able to solve literally any problem with rating less than my current training rating.

So should i feel depressed? am i wrong somewhere? Has anyone practiced similarly and ended up >= Candidate Master ?

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Firstly, Trust me when I say, I am Master.

Secondly, Stop posting from alternative account unlike me.

Thirdly, You are doing great. Just keep doing it. All the best CM. <3

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Grandmaster here, this is my sister's account tho. you're on the right track ma boi. you just gotta solve mo 1600s to get the tendies.

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You are doing just fine.No need to feel depressed. Just solve harder problems as you mentioned 1600 rated are pretty difficult for you. After you gain confidence focus on increasing your solving speed (As it would help u immensely in contests!). Just Don't give up! Be quick in implementing different approaches.