What I've learned in my first few submissions

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  • clang++ uses the main return value as the exit value. Always set it to 0. Doh!
  • Initialize variables (always a good habit). clang++ doesn't always do that for you. (Isn't that part of the standard? I guess not.)
  • Read the description carefully. Make sure you are doing what they are asking (position != score)
  • It is very possible that the example inputs pass, but the logic is wrong. Make sure your results are the answer to what is being asked. Just because the results are as expected does not mean you are done (What are the chances? Better than you think!).

Most of those items are obvious, but these are the things that make the scores non-competitive. And fixing them are easier said than done. I attempt to complete the task rapidly instead of accurately, and that is a mistake. I will continue with the 800's until I improve in those areas.


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