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AtCoder World Tour Finals 2022 Announcement (with Rated Mirrors)
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We will hold AtCoder World Tour Finals 2022.↵

List of Finalists:↵
<table border="1">↵
<tr align="center"><td>AtCoder ID</td><td>Codeforces ID</td><td>Advanced Years</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[tourist](</td><td>[user:tourist,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2020,2021,2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[ksun48](</td><td>[user:ksun48,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2021,2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[Benq](</td><td>[user:Benq,2023-09-06]</td><td>2020,2021</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[Um_nik](</td><td>[user:Um_nik,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2020</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[apiad](</td><td>[user:amiya,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2021,2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[Stonefeang](</td><td>[user:Radewoosh,2023-09-06]</td><td>2020</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[ecnerwala](</td><td>[user:ecnerwala,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2020,2021</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[mnbvmar](</td><td>[user:mnbvmar,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2020</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[newbiedmy](</td><td>[user:fantasy,2023-09-06]</td><td>2021</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[jiangly](</td><td>[user:jiangly,2023-09-06]</td><td>2021</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[heno239](</td><td>[user:heno239,2023-09-06]</td><td>2021</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[LHiC](</td><td>[user:LHiC,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[endagorion](</td><td>[user:endagorion,2023-09-06]</td><td>2020</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[zhoukangyang](</td><td>[user:zhoukangyang,2023-09-06]</td><td>2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[Petr](</td><td>[user:Petr,2023-09-06]</td><td>2019,2020,2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[mulgokizary](</td><td>[user:gamegame,2023-09-06]</td><td>2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[Mr_Eight](</td><td>[user:Mr_Eight,2023-09-06]</td><td>2022</td></tr>↵
<tr align="center"><td>[peti1234](</td><td>[user:peti1234,2023-09-06]</td><td>2022</td></tr>↵


- Contest URL:↵
- Mirror Contest URL:↵
- Start Time:↵
- Duration: 300 minutes ↵
- Number of Tasks: 5↵
- Writer: [user:maroonrk,2023-09-07]↵
- Tester: [user:maspy,2023-09-07], [user:HIR180,2023-09-07], [user:satashun,2023-09-07], [user:rng_58,2023-09-07], [user:yutaka1999,2023-09-07]↵
- Rated range: 2000 - ↵

The point values will be 500-1000-1500-2000-2500↵


- Contest URL:↵
- Mirror Contest URL:↵
- Start Time:↵
- Duration: 300 minutes ↵
- Number of Tasks: 5↵
- Writer: [user:maroonrk,2023-09-07]↵
- Tester: [user:maspy,2023-09-07], [user:HIR180,2023-09-07], [user:satashun,2023-09-07], [user:rng_58,2023-09-07], [user:yutaka1999,2023-09-07]↵
- Rated range: 2000 - ↵

The point values will be 1000-1500-2000-2000-2500↵

AtCoder World Tour Finals 2022 is an international onsite contest.↵
We have invited top-runners of AtCoder Race Ranking 2019-2022 to Tokyo.↵
We will combine the results of the two contests to decide on the champion.↵
The score of the participant is calculated as (score of Day1) + (score of Day2) + (the number of Advancements to Finals). The time penalties are also summed.↵
You will see this combined score in the standings during the contest.↵
Considering that the special rules will affect strategies of participants, the Finals itself is unrated.↵
Note that, unlike other onsite competitions, there's no freeze in the contest.↵

Mirror contests don't have special rules, so they are just two independent rated contests.↵
They happen at the same time as the Finals (=13:00 in UTC+9), so they are much earlier than usual AtCoder contests.↵

We are looking forward to your participation!↵


With the help from [user:lperovskaya,2023-09-08] and ICPC streaming tools, we will stream the Finals in our YouTube [channel](↵
Since we have rated mirrors, there is no commentary and we will only show the contest venue, webcam videos of Finalists, and standings. 


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