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Codeforces Round #532 (Div. 2)
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Hi, Codeforces!↵

At [contest_time:1100] will start [contest:1100]. Round will be rated for second division (rating below 2100). As usual, participants from the first division can write a contest out of competition.↵

The round will consist of 6 problems and you will be given two hours to solve them.↵

Task prepared by me, [user:den2204,2019-01-12].↵

Thanks [user:MikeMirzayanov,2019-01-12] for the platform Codeforces, [user:KAN,2019-01-12] for round coordination and help with preparation. Thanks [user:gritukan,2019-01-12], [user:Andreikkaa,2019-01-12], [user:flyrise,2019-01-12], [user:Um_nik,2019-01-12], [user:Aleks5d,2019-01-12] and [user:osaaateiasavtnl.,2019-01-12] for help with preparation and testing round, [user:arsor,2019-01-12] for translating statements into English, [user:arsijo,2019-01-12] for assistance in conducting the round. Thanks [user:Andreikkaa,2019-01-12] for the idea of the problem D.↵
Good luck!↵

P.S. It is my first round on Codeforces, please, do not judge strictly :)


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