Codeforces WatchR 1.6.0: Localization, UX/UI polishes and bug fixes

Revision en9, by yevhenii_kanivets, 2020-08-03 07:56:36

Last 4 weeks were dedicated to making the final touches for both iOS and Android apps before introducing new shiny features.

Changes include, but not limited to:

  • new rating dialog, flawlessly embedded into Actions tab
  • new awesome "Add User" dialog
  • rating changes displayed on user's rating graph
  • complete localization of both apps to Ukrainian, Russian and Hindi (thanks TiredOfLife)
  • many minor bug and crash fixes

Upcoming features

We've noticed that Actions is one of the most popular features of Codeforces WatchR, and many users coming to the app to see more coding and programming news. Hence we decided to broaden its content by including other interesting sources.

In particular we are going to include latest YouTube videos from Codeforces community. At the moment list includes:

Suggested by community:

If you want to see other YouTube channels or other types of content in Codeforces WatchR app, don't hesitate to leave a comment or ping me in DM.

As always thanks to our team (denmen0207 and BOGDAN_) for development and testing!

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