Who is Errichto & Um_nik ?

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Hello Everyone! Recently code_warrior asked in one of his blogs " How is ecnerwala ?" and surprisingly ecnerwala came up with a new blog where he answered about himself and that blog is flooded with questions, it just shows how curious we guys are to know him closely.

I just want to take this trend a little forward, so I am tagging my favorites while wishing that they come up with something similar to ecnerwala . They are superstars of our community and there are always many things that we could learn from them and their journey.






And the Indians, I really look up to




I also wanted to tag MikeMirzayanov, but I am not sure if he could take time from his busy schedule. Btw the above guys are my favorites I want to know more about. And I am quite sure others like me must have many questions to ask them. If you want me to add more, please mention it in the comments.

I really wish that they come up with "Hey I am ....", Ask my anything.
Thank You <3


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