Language barrier in Czech Republic

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Recently I had a talk with my Indian friend who had moved to Czech Republic a while back. [2 years to be specific]

He seems to have a great interest in Informatics Olympiad but as the task statements in the preliminary rounds are solely in Czech [and as he is not familiar with the language for some obvious reasons] he is not allowed to take part in the olympiad.

most of you guys might be thinking of a one obvious response by him, to mail them for the translation in English. But here's the catch, They literally refused to translate the problem statement with an absurd reason "the extra effort wouldn't be justified"

I don't believe that Czech is an easy language to get fluent at within 4 years when you have to prepare for the olympiad on the side.

it's just not IOI, every competition the Czech republic participates in, IOI, IMO etc, all of their selection rounds are in Czech

He kept emailing them but they just stuck with the statement that they are not going to translate the problem statement.

so yeah, just wanted to let the community know about this situation.

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