Darth Prince Rises (2018), COMING SOON...

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Brace yourselves. Winter has come and I've lived to see people in competitive programming community become less "passionate" and the competitive programming community become less "alive" as it used to be. I remember more "activity" in the past. Me myself wasn't any different, I posted some tutorials and wrote some contests before and then, I quit. I left the competitive programming community for a while, to check the waters out there, see what's going on outside of this community. But as you witnessed, I wrote round #459 as starter, as someone would say, Prince Of Persia COMEBACK MOTHAF***A.

As this is not an essay (god I'm glad it's not an assay :(), I'll make this short.

As some may remember, in 2015, I founded a website with the help of some of my friends named CodeZilla. Iranian members of the community may remember, as it was only in Persian. We had a contest, a hate-driven DoS attack by a later identified person (who I came to become friends with like a year later) in the middle of the contest, and then, BOOM, shutdown! No actual activity till now, of course besides the CodeHub competitions that were held on CodeZilla, by my friend not me, just using the CodeZilla for authentication.

In the meantime, something has been going on in the background, for almost 6 months. First of all, now there's an English version of CodeZilla. In fact, English is the default language of CodeZilla. That's almost the only change for now. Oh, and also in the past you could only access it via codezilla.ir, but now the official address is codezil.la. Stay tuned for our contests, online courses and CODEZILLA CLUB.

But these aren't the reason I'm posting this, because they're all happening in the future (but very very soon). I'm talking about our new YOUTUBE SERIES!!! audience clap This series don't only include me, my friends Carter, AnPelec and others are gonna help making them. In fact, all of us, the community is making the videos. This Youtube series are gonna be discussions about competitive-programming-related concepts, anything slightly related to competitive programming.

So helps us and share your ideas about the subjects you think we should discuss or talk about. You could either comment your ideas in the comments or fill out this form to avoid spamming.

An uh, stay tuned, a bootcamp's comming! A CodeZilla Bootcamp! Who's ready for a tour of Boston? audience cheer. mic drop

UPD: Some may have mistaken this with a tutorial video series, it's NOT. It's a discussion, like a talk, for example one subject could be "Do we have enough online judges?" or "Is this much math in competitive programming really necessary?" or even reviewing a website or forum or something. It's more general, we're not teaching anything in this series.

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