By niyaznigmatul, 29 hours ago, translation, In English,


Codeforces Round #467 (Div. 1) and Codeforces Round #467 (Div. 2) will take place on February, 25 at 14:35 UTC. Most of the problems are Innopolis Open Olympiad in Informatics problemset. We ask olympiad participants not to take part in Codeforces rounds and not to discuss the problems till the end of the rounds.

Problems were prepared by: niyaznigmatul, pashka, gritukan, VArtem, burakov28, BudAlNik, YakutovDmitriy, dusja.ds, GreenGrape, tourist. We thank testers: demon1999, senek_k, the_art_of_war, Qrort, ayoyia, izban и julsa.

Good luck!

UPD: The round is rescheduled to +1.5 hours to avoid collisions with other events.

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By ch_egor, 3 days ago, translation, In English,

Hello everybody!

Tomorrow in unusual time round will be held using problemset of Moscow programming competition for school students of grades from 6 to 9. Do not be tricked by the age range of the participants, Moscow jury always tries its best to select interesting problems of various topics. Problems were developed by, Sehnsucht, _kun_, gritukan and ch_egor.

Thanks to MikeMirzayanov for an excellent platform Codeforces for contests and an excellent platform Polygon, which greatly simplifies the preparation of contests.

Thanks to V--o_o--V for reducing the statements and translating them into english.

Hope to see you in the standings!

UPD1: Scoring 500-1250-1250-1500-2000-2750

UPD2: Our problemsetters are tired because of olympiad, so editorial will be a bit later. We apologize for it.


Division 2:

  1. zzs_dasc

  2. I_Love_Kirino

  3. Akikaze

  4. tshil

  5. WatchClannad

Division 1 + 2 (unofficial):

  1. uwi

  2. zzs_dasc

  3. FMota

  4. I_Love_Kirino

  5. eddy1021

UPD3: Editorial

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By AhmedSoliman, 2 weeks ago, In English,

Hello, Codeforces!

I'd like to invite you to Codeforces Round #465 (Div. 2) which takes place on Monday, 19 February 2018 at 19:35 MSK. The round will be rated for division 2 participants. However, as usual division 1 can take part out of competition.

The round is prepared by my friends Kammola, Ahmad_Elsagheer, MostafaAbdullah and me (AhmedSoliman). Besides, many thanks to 300iq, mike_live, Arpa, GreenGrape and neckbosov for testing the round, KAN for coordinating the round and MikeMirzayanov for the great Codeforces and Polygon platforms.

You will be given 6 problems and 2 hours to solve them. The scoring distribution will be announced later. Good luck!

UPD1: Scoring is 500 — 750 — 1250 — 1750 — 2250 — 2750

UPD2: Congratulations to the winners!

Division 1 :

  1. Benq
  2. eddy1021
  3. KrK
  4. kmjp
  5. chemthan

Division 2 :

  1. Iiu_runda
  2. FlzzyDavid
  3. Baggins
  4. sorry_teamskiy
  5. InkyFlameMaster

UPD3: The Editorial is available now!

Thank you everyone!

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By GlebsHP, history, 9 days ago, translation, In English,

In case you want to take part in Yandex.Algorithm 2018 but somehow haven't registered yet, you might want to follow this link.

Qualification round has started at 00:00 Moscow time, February 17th. Round is a virtual competition 100 minutes long. You can start it at any moment of time till 23:59 on Sunday, February 18th (Moscow time).

We recall that in order to be able to participate in elimination stage one needs to accept at least one problem at qualification round. However, everyone who managed to accept at least one problem during warm-up has already qualified to the next stage.

Judges ask all the participant to withdraw from any problem discussion and do not publish any solutions till 01:40, February 19th.

Good luck, we hope that you will enjoy the problems!

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By KAN, 9 days ago, translation, In English,


The Codeforces Round #464 (Div. 2) is going to be held on Saturday, 17 February 2018 at 10:05 UTC for participants from division 2.

The round is based on XIV Nizhny Novgorod Olympiad in Informatics named after V. D. Lelyukh for high school students, which will take place on Saturday in Nizhny Novgorod. However, the problems for the Olympiad and for the round are not completely identical.

The problems were prepared by KAP, ashmelev, ZhNV, kuzmichev_dima, demon1999, SYury, mmatrosov and me. Thanks to mike_live and vepifanov for testing the problems, and gritukan and MikeMirzayanov for helping us to host the round on Codeforces!

As usual, participants from division 1 can take part out of competition.

Good luck and have fun!

UPD: There will be 6 problems with the following scores: 500-1000-1500-2000-2500-2750.

You will be able to view submissions and tests after the end of the olympiad in Nizhny Novgorod around 13:30 UTC.

Congratulations to winners!

Div. 2:

  1. LitiIsPretty
  2. newbiedmy
  3. lijian666
  4. S.H.I.E.L.D

Div. 1:

  1. dotorya
  2. eddy1021
  3. DmitryGrigorev
  4. uwi
  5. georgerapeanu

The editorial is here.

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By PikMike, history, 10 days ago, translation, In English,

Hello Codeforces!

On February 16, 18:05 MSK Educational Codeforces Round 38 will start.

Series of Educational Rounds continue being held as Harbour.Space University initiative! You can read the details about the cooperation between Harbour.Space University and Codeforces in the blog post.

This round will be rated for Div. 2. It will be held on extented ACM ICPC rules. After the end of the contest you will have 12 hours to hack any solution you want. You will have access to copy any solution and test it locally.

You will be given 7 problems and 2 hours to solve them.

The problems were prepared by Ivan BledDest Androsov, Sahand Sahaand Alitanloo and me.

Thanks Mike MikeMirzayanov Mirzayanov for great system Polygon!

Good luck to all participants!

UPD: Since there will be another Div. 2 contest soon, the hacking phase will be shorter (only 12 hours). Before CF Round 464 we will actualize the registrations in such a way that Div. 2 will be officially registered, and Div. 1 participants — unofficially.

UPD2: We also have a message from our partners Harbour.Space:

We are excited to announce that some of the world’s strongest teams will come to our Hello India x Russia Programming Bootcamp: MIPT and all top India’s Universities that qualified to the World Finals!

As always, the boot camp isn’t only about the training — we’re in the process of getting renowned keynote speakers from all over the globe to come and speak about life and all the opportunities at your fingertips after ACM-ICPC.

We look forward to seeing you all there this spring! For those of you who haven't registered, there's still time.

Register here

If you have any questions we can help you with, please connect with us:

Phone number: +34 674 291 422 Email Address:

UPD3: Editorial is published

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By aropan, 11 days ago, translation, In English,

The 8th BSUIR Open Programming Championship will be held from February 16 till April 13, 2018 (Minsk, Belarus).

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