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Hi everybody,

This Sunday there will be a 16th Moscow Team Olympiad, high school students competition based in Moscow that is an elimination contest for All-Russian Team Olympiad. This contest is prepared by Moscow Olympiad Scientific Committee that you may know by Moscow Open Olympiad, Moscow Olympiad for Young Students and Metropolises Olympiad (rounds 327, 342, 345, 376, 401, 433, 441, 466, 469, 507).

Round will be held at 10:05 UTC on Sunday and will last for 2 hours. Each division will have 6 problems.

Problems are prepared gritukan, Glebodin, Andreikkaa, qoo2p5, mingaleg, Flyrise, _kun_, achulkov2, grphil, Sehnsucht, Aphanasiy, Sender, DebNatkh, GreenGrape under my supervision with great help of GlebsHP, _meshanya_, Endagorion, Zlobober and Helen Andreeva.

Thanks to _kun_ for the round coordination and statement translation, and also thanks for MikeMirzayanov for systems codeforces and polygon, which was used to prepare problems of this olympiad.

Good luck everybody!

UPD1: The scoring distribution will be:

500 — 10001000 — 1500 — 2000 — 2500 for div. 1.

500 — 1000 — 1500 — 20002000 — 2500 for div. 2.

UPD2: Editorial

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By MikeMirzayanov, 3 days ago, translation, In English,

Hi Codeforces!

For you, perhaps it was yet another Codeforces round. But not for me. Codeforces Round #515 (Div. 3) is the first round tested on new judging servers at ITMO University. And this is not just an update of location. Ta-dam! Now your solutions will be judged on the new Intel i3-8100 processors. And this is not all news. The number of judging servers has increased, which means fewer queues during rounds!

I am pleased to announce that now I live in St. Petersburg, I work at ITMO, and Codeforces is gradually moving from the walls of dear to me Saratov University to ITMO University. The decision to move was not easy for me. My plan is that, based on ITMO, I can focus more on Codeforces development and work on the platform. The number of world champions per square meter is simply overwhelming, and working with a large team of such enthusiasts (and professionals!) of sports programming, like me, is extremely inspiring. I always liked St. Petersburg and the atmosphere of ITMO. Intuition did not let me down. I feel surrounded by people close to me in spirit (and I’m not only talking about a work). I am sure there are many interesting common projects ahead!

I do not say goodbye to Saratov. This is my hometown, full of people dear to me. I came to my first programming training at SSU exactly 20 years ago. Antonina Fedorova, thank you very much. Natalya Andreeve, I would like to say a personal thank you now. You have opened for me an interesting world of programming competitions. We were happy together when we first advanced to the ICPC Finals, and later when we became champions of Russia and the World. We made countless competitions and helped many Saratov students find themselves in programming. I fervently support the future of the Programming Competitions Training Center at SSU and future generations of Saratov contest participants. And now, I am in Saratov and still the head of the jury of the ICPC Subregional Contest, and even an SSU employee. I hope that we will make a good and interesting contest.

I will try to make a complete relocation of the Codeforces infrastructure to ITMO without downtimes. A good Internet connection between SSU and ITMO is encouraging. All the planned work will adapt to the schedule of the rounds, and now it pleases more than ever (I send my greetings to the coordinators!).

Currently, all Codeforces and Polygon solutions are being judged on new servers based on Intel i3-8100 processors. Fortunately, the performance of a single core is not very different from the one that the old generation of judging servers had. Thus, the time limits in all problems remain the same.

Such news. I am waiting for you on Codeforces Round #516 (by Moscow Team Olympiad).


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By SannikovDmitry, 5 days ago, translation, In English,

Mail.Ru Group together with Codeforces invites everyone to take part in the new Mail.Ru Cup competitive programming championship.


The championship is holding on the Codeforces platform in the format of four rounds: one practice round and three main rounds. Each round is open to all comers. There are no restrictions on participants in any of the rounds.

The practice round is intended for familiarization with the championship platform, participation in it is optional, the results of performances in the practice round do not affect the results of participation in the championship. It is unrated, the duration is 72 hours.

All three main rounds are independent, the results of participation in each of it do not affect the possibility of participation in next rounds. A competitor may take part in any number of main rounds. Each main round lasts 2.5 hours. All of them are open for everyone and rated for all participants.

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By mgch, history, 4 weeks ago, In English,

Hello CodeForces community!

With great enthusiasm and excitement, I would like to invite you to register for CodeChef’s 5th edition of SnackDown which is open to anyone who has a knack for programming. In a truly global spirit of competition, CodeChef organizes SnackDown with an aim to bring the top coders from the world under one roof for its final onsite round in India. Along with the total cash prizes of $20.5K , there are special slots and prizes for Top School Teams, Top Girls teams and Best Indian Teams. And of course the chance to experience a fully sponsored trip to India.

To know how it feels to be an onsite finalist at SnackDown, Have a glance at last year’s SnackDown video here-

The registrations for the online rounds of SnackDown have begun, You can register a team upto 2 or go solo!

To register, go to —

If you are a programming enthusiast who likes to spread the love for coding by spreading awareness about competitive programming, join our SnackDown Representative Program — The objective of the program is to spread the awareness about SnackDown and competitive programming among students and professionals alike across various institutes/organisations.

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By Vovuh, history, 4 days ago, translation, In English,

After the long delay (disease, conference and many other things) the new Div.3 round is coming!



Codeforces Round #515 (Div. 3) will start at Oct/12/2018 17:35 (Moscow time). You will be offered 6 or 7 problems with expected difficulties to compose an interesting competition for participants with ratings up to 1600. Probably, participants from the first division will not be at all interested by this problems. And for 1600-1899 the problems will be too easy. However, all of you who wish to take part and have rating 1600 or higher, can register for the round unofficially.

The round will be hosted by rules of educational rounds (extended ACM-ICPC). Thus, during the round, solutions will be judged on preliminary tests, and after the round it will be a 12-hour phase of open hacks. I tried to make strong tests — just like you will be upset if many solutions fail after the contest is over.

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By neal, 4 days ago, In English,

C++ has always had the convenient data structures std::set and std::map, which are tree data structures whose operations take time. With C++11, we finally received a hash set and hash map in std::unordered_set and std::unordered_map. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of people on Codeforces get hacked or fail system tests when using these. In this post I'll explain how it's possible to hack these data structures and what you can do in order to continue using your favorite hash maps without worrying about being hacked

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By MikeMirzayanov, 5 days ago, In English,

My friends from Harbour.Space and Remy Robotics asked to publish the news. I am excited and glad to do it, because for our community this is a true exclusive offer. In short, they offer to study robotics in Barcelona, paying for your studies and even with a scholarship! It's so cool!

Here is a direct speech from Harbour.Space.


Hi Codeforces!

We are excited to announce our new Master’s in Robotics programme scholarship, which will be paired alongside an internship with our partner Remy Robotics! The programme will begin on January 7th, 2019, at our university in Barcelona, Spain.

Harbour.Space’s Robotics programme is the bridge between a personal interest in the world of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and a top-level professional future in one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields of technology. Students who enter the programme will either graduate as Control Engineers (theoretical specialists who ensure that robots interact with the environment in safe and effective manner), or CV Engineers (industrial manufacturers of robots, based more on practical experience).

Students will learn the Design and Control for Dexterous Manipulation; Kinematics, Dynamics and Control; Advanced Manipulation Algorithms robots use to physically interact with their world; Dynamic Optimisation for behavioral control; Integrated Intelligence in Robotics: Vision, Language, and Planning which builds upon the cognitive development; Mechanics of Manipulation focusing on using intelligent development of kinematic constraint, gravity, and friction; Manipulation, Estimation, and Control allowing for robots to locomote and navigate the world; Reinforcement learning in Robotics.


Apply →

The scholarship includes:

  • Complete coverage of the University tuition fee (€22,900)

  • Living allowance (€1,000 per month during 1 year)

  • Internship at Remy Robotics (20h per week during 1 year)


Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Robotics or Computer, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines.


  • Hands-on robotic programming
  • Ideally experience within the automotive manufacturing sector
  • Knowledge understanding of robot control interface with ancillary equipment
  • Use of robot simulation packages
  • Deep experience with all things robotic, from infrastructure-free autonomy to ROS, computer vision, and machine learning
  • Experience working with robot parts and components, developing robotics devices
  • Ability to concurrently manage multiple diverse and often complex issues and / or projects at the nexus of software, sensors, and hardware

To be selected for this programme, you will need to go through the following steps:

  1. Fill out the given form by the link:
  2. Attend a series of online tests and interviews with our admissions office and partners
  3. Pack your bags for Barcelona!

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By majk, 11 days ago, In English,

Hungry for yet another contest? On Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 17:05 UTC the Lyft Level 5 Challenge will start with the Round 1! This is a combined round having 7 problems and lasting 2 hours, and it will be rated.

The top 100 participants of this round will win a Lyft Level 5 Challenge t-shirt. The top 30 contestants located in the San Francisco Bay area will be invited to the Final Round.

In the Final Round the top three onsite contestants will fight for the cash prizes:

  • First place: $2000
  • Second place: $1000
  • Third place: $500

Interested in an internship or a job at Lyft?

Many thanks to:

I'll be on the community Discord server shortly after the contest to discuss the problems.

UPDATE 1: The scoring distribution will be 500-1000-1500-2250-2750-3250-4000.

UPDATE 2: The contest is over and there is an editorial.

UPDATE 3: Congratulations to the winners:

  1. tourist
  2. V--o_o--V
  3. CongLingDanPaiShang3k5
  4. Errichto
  5. 300iq

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By lyft, 5 weeks ago, In English,

We are thrilled to announce the Lyft Level 5 Challenge hosted by Codeforces and sponsored by Lyft. This international competition consists of two, timed rounds, where competitors will solve multiple algorithmic puzzles much like the ones we’re solving at Level 5, Lyft’s self-driving division.

Round 1: Elimination

On Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 10:00 PDT, the competition kicks off with a standard two-hour round of seven problems. The top 100 participants will win a Lyft Level 5 Challenge t-shirt. The top 30 contestants located in the San Francisco Bay area will be invited to Round 2.

Round 2: Final at Level 5

On Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 10:00 PST, round 2 kicks off with a standard two-hour round of five problems. Up to 30 contestants will compete for prizes at the Level 5 Engineering Center in Palo Alto, California, and Codeforces will host a parallel round for offsite participants. After the challenge, stick around for a Level 5 team social.

Round 2 Prizes

  • First place: $2000
  • Second place: $1000
  • Third place: $500

Terms and conditions apply.

About Level 5

Level 5 is Lyft’s self-driving division based in Palo Alto, California, and Munich, Germany, where we’re building a full self-driving system. Engineers at Level 5 are equipping vehicles with the latest advancements in sensors and applying deep learning to predict and perceive the world around us. We’re leveraging route by route data from the 10 million Lyft rides completed weekly to both rapidly advance our technology and train our vehicles.

Every member of our fast-moving, collaborative team has the opportunity to have an outsized influence on our self-driving development. And we’re passionate problem solvers, too. Meet Vladimir Iglovikov [kaggle], Viktor Barinov [cf, tc], and Alex Lapin [kaggle, cf, tc].

Help define the future of self-driving technology with us at Level 5. See our open roles at, and follow us on Twitter @LyftLevel5.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is the fastest growing ridesharing company in the United States with coverage for over 95% of Americans in all 50 states. We’re working toward our mission of improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.

Interested in an internship or a job at Lyft?

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