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By zeliboba, 3 years ago, In English

Hi, Codeforces!

AIM Tech Codeforces Round 5 will take place on Aug/27/2018 19:35 (Moscow time).

The round is prepared by AIM Tech employees: Kostroma, riadwaw, Edvard, yarrr, zemen, Errichto, malcolm, gchebanov, VadymKa and zeliboba.

Round will take place during Petrozavodsk Summer Camp, which is sponsored by our company.

Thanks to Mike Mirzayanov(MikeMirzayanov) for brilliant platforms Polygon and Codeforces and problem coordinator Nikolay Kalinin (KAN). Many thanks to Golovanov399, Arterm, winger for round testing!

Our company specialises in proprietary trading, the key concepts in our work are big data, low latency and high frequency. Our team mainly consists of graduates from the Moscow State University (MSU) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). You could read more on our website

Participants of combined round will be given 8 problems and 2:15 to solve them.

Last three problems have almost the same difficulty, so we advise read all of them.

Prizes from round 502 in memory of Leopoldo Taravilse will be distributed in this round.

Top-25 will get 100$ each, following 46 will get 50$ each.

Scoring 500-750-1250-2000-2500-3250-3250-3500

We wish you good luck and high frequency rating!

Thank you for participation, congratulations to the winners!

  1. LHiC
  2. Retired_MiFaFaOvO
  3. bmerry
  4. Um_nik
  5. Egor
  6. Benq
  7. tqyaaaaang
  8. kiwikiwi
  9. Marcin_smu
  10. Swistakk


Short editorial by bmerry

Information about prizes and analysis will be published later.

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