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By Ahmadsm2005, history, 4 months ago, In English

I've been registered for 18 months and nearly everyday I open CF and yet, I haven't seen that before. No upcoming contests. That is rare!

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By Ahmadsm2005, 13 months ago, In English

Hello there. I would like to share my experience on how I reached Expert in my first 6 months. A few people asked me about that so I am writing a blog for everyone to see and the techniques I used to reach expert in 6 months. I started Competitive Programming 8 months ago. I didn't know except some basics about visual basic programming language and I didn't know except to do some GUI and write basic code. I was introduced to CP and how important it was from university admissions to job interviews. I began to learn step by step new ideas, new algorithms etc... From my experience, I would like to share those important tips from my point of view:

  • Always train CP with a target. This really helps you to train and read articles(like implementation and algorithms and maths) to reach your target as fast as possible

  • Train with your friends. Training with your friends and trying to out perform them.

  • Always take rating seriously and compete online in many sites. Rating sometimes doesn't mean your real performance. Your real performance sometimes might be worse or better than your rating but it won't be further than +100/-100. If rating was to be taken seriously, you would try your best to solve the problem within the contest and prevent rating loss.

  • Always expect a reward. Even if the reward would take a long time or it would be small, expecting a reward is a really good boost for you to train.

  • Learn new algorithms and data structures. Learning them is very important(for example DFS,segment trees,Dijkstra,etc...). Mathematics is also very important(especially forming equations,number theories,combinatorics,etc...)

  • Don't solve too easy problems. Solving too easy problems won't make you get better. Also, you should solve on the topics you are weak on and solve randomly(random solving problems a little bit higher than your rating is one of the best practicing techniques!)

  • Always try to solve problems you don't get during a real contest. That would teach you new techniques and ideas you missed to think about during the contest!(Suggested by paulll)

  • You should like competitive programming. Most of the time if you like a subject, you would be good at it!(Suggested by paulll)

  • Check the editorial if you failed. Failing is part of the training. Even if you find that you fail a lot, failure will turn to success after you learn the new ideas/techniques/ways of thinking. Most importantly, you should check the editoral if you failed to solve the current problem.

Here is an awesome design made by mahfuzz (Thank you for such a great design! You are really talented my friend):

I hope those tips help. I also thank JoeSherif AnasAbbas Shalaby for helping me through the training and practicing! Also, I was inspired by Benq's rating and how he became LGM in only 3 years showing that nothing is impossible! Thank you for such an inspiration!

If you have any questions, ask me at anytime! Good luck everyone!

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By Ahmadsm2005, 14 months ago, In English

Hacking improvements:

  • Being able to see the defender's submission from the open hacking page. It is kind of annoying that you have to open the person's profile and then go to his submissions just to see his/her submission.(ADDED thanks to Mike!)

  • Fixing illegal contest ID bug when trying to hack a person through submission window in open hacking.

  • Splitting the hacking log(open hacking) into pages. The log sometimes can be huge which would make loading the page slower on low-end devices(like mobiles).(ADDED thanks to Mike!)

Searching improvements:

  • Standings search only searches through the current page which is not a public search. Making it a public search would be a lot better!

  • Improvement for codeforces search. Instead of searching for the exact word/username, it would search for the nearest result. Searching users' handles like this would be a lot easier.

Mobile improvements:

  • Improvement to submission window on mobile as it is shifted a little bit on some types of mobiles.

  • Make GUI(especially buttons) a little larger to prevent mistakes(clicking a button by mistake like upvoting/downvoting)

  • Double tapping the screen on a person's submission in the standings causes the screen to zoom in. Instead, It should open the submission history window.(suggested by nutzboi)

Mashup improvements:

  • Being able to delete problems from mashup instead of just hiding them.


  • Fixing facebook support to codeforces.

  • Adding a method to add bio to your profile.

Overall, codeforces is a great platform and those improvements would really help! If you have any suggestions for improving codeforces, comment it down and I will add it to the above list. Upvote this blog for MikeMirzayanov to see and care about it!

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By Ahmadsm2005, history, 17 months ago, In English

I have tried to connect my account to my facebook account. I have tried several times with different browsers. In Mozilla Firefox, it doesn't show anything. In google chrome, it shows the following error:

Is there any solution to that?

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