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Coders Community,

for the ones among you that — like me — feel sad about the Google Farewell Round that will be held on Saturday, or that feel there is something wrong with this leadership decision, I would propose to put the following comment line as first line of every submission in the Farewell Round, that should not violate any rule:


This is clearly naive, and very likely will not reach any decision maker, and even if it does it will be certainly useless to make anybody in Google leadership change their minds. But at least, if sufficiently scaled, it would leave a tangible on-line trace of the community feeling, for a few months. And who knows, 2024 might be a better year for Google and things might change.

Last but not least, thanks a TON to MikeMirzayanov and to the Codeforces staff for keeping the competitive coding so active, and also for making available this blog where to share ideas.

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