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In the past weeks many people have messaged me asking for help/mentoring in competitive programming. I can't possibly help so many people at the same time but I would like to start an initiative that could be a more efficient way to motivate and teach the new comers.

A few observations I have made over the years:

  • Big groups discourage people from asking simple doubts and group is mostly full of spam.

  • Any group with a large skill difference normally turns toxic and isn't helpful to any party involved.

  • Motivation is the key factor in success and this can be achieved only when you make friends

So here's the idea:

  • Everyone fill up this Google form which collects basic information.

  • I will form groups of 3-4 people who have similar skills and 1 mentor who has a higher skill level. Then each group will form a texting group on Facebook Messenger or wherever they prefer.

  • If a group becomes inactive, one can refill the form and I can try and reallocate them.

Link of Form

Please give any suggestions in the comments. I would also love someone who could help me with this initiative.

UPD: I have made all the groups and have send a batch of emails out. Will send the rest of the emails out as soon as gmail lets me send them.

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