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Wouldn't it be useful if there are separate calendars for contests and streams?

(Currently, there is a single calendar for both & there is no trivial way to block emails of new streams being added in the calendar)

Also, it does not make sense to have streams in a calendar named "Programming Contests Calendar."


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By Bhj2001, 15 months ago, In English

I would like to invite you all to the International Coding Marathon 2020, under the banner of Technex'20, IIT (BHU) Varanasi.

Technex is the annual techno-management fest of Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi organized from February 14 — 16, 2020.

International Coding Marathon is the flagship event of Byte The Bits, the set of programming events organized under Technex. It will take place on Sunday, 16th Feb 2020, 14:00 IST. The contest will be held on Codechef.

The problemset has been prepared by TheAnshul, AJ47, the_nightmare , revpro and me Bhagya Kamal Jain (Bhj2001).

Smiley face

The link to the contest & the exact prize distribution will be posted in a while.

Some of our previous contests :

ICM Technex 2017 and Codeforces Round #400 (Div. 1 + Div. 2, combined)

ICM Technex 2018 and Codeforces Round #463 (Div. 1 + Div. 2, combined)

ICM Technex 2019

Participants will have 3 hours to solve 7-8 problems. The scoring will be ICPC style.

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you on the leaderboard.


Link to the contest — here


The contest is rated for all.

I would also like to thank drastogi21, hitman623, jtnydv25 and arjunarul for their invaluable help in preparation of the contest.


Due to clash with AtCoder Beginner Contest 155 the time of the contest has been updated.

Prizes :

Global 1st — INR 25,000

Global 2nd — INR 15,000

Global 3rd — INR 12,000

India 1st — INR 10,000

IIT (BHU) 1st Overall — INR 7,000

IIT (BHU) 1st in 1/2 Year — INR 1,000

Register for prizes here


Contest has started. Enjoy.

Contest has ended! You may discuss the problems in the comments. Editorial will be published in a while

Congratulations to the winners!

  1. Itst_boyfriend

  2. mister

  3. step_by_step

  4. Amoo_Safar

  5. amnesiac_dusk

At the last I like to thank bLackFlasH_7, Neo2308, shado_w, greeDPerson, mittal21, Patwari26, Krypton, Abhi1998 for testing the contest.

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By Bhj2001, history, 16 months ago, In English
 #pragma GCC optimize ("trapv") // kills the program on integer overflows (but is really slow).

This helps a lot in testing. If a solution fails on a particular test case this can help in finding the bug.
This works on my computer but does not work on Codeforces.
Is there an alternative to this on online judges?

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By Bhj2001, history, 20 months ago, In English

Hello Everyone!

I invite you all to September Circuits '19, an exciting contest with 8 amazing problems (7 algorithmic problems and 1 approximation problem). The contest will start on September 21, 15:30 UTC and will run for 7 days.

This time, the problems are prepared by me Bhj2001 Bhagya Kamal Jain , aayueshbar Aayuesh Barui, ojas_bansal Ojas Bansal, _dp95 Dishant Pawar & anay_07 Anay Loya. Thanks to Arpa (AmirReza PoorAkhavan) for testing the problems and helping us prepare the problems.

To make the challenge more interesting, problems added to the contest in this order:

  • Day 0: Easy, Easy-Medium, Approximation.
  • Day 1: Medium, Medium.
  • Day 4: Medium-Hard, Medium-Hard.
  • Day 6: Hard

As usual, there will be some nice prizes for the top five competitors:

  • First place: $100 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Second place: $75 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Third place: $50 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Fourth place: HE t-shirt.
  • Fifth place: HE t-shirt.
  • Hope to see you at the scoreboard!

Good Luck & Have Fun.

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