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Whats Happening?

Recently a bunch of comments have been popping up about certain political/religious topics on blogs that are in no way related to the blog's topic.

And some users with offensive usernames have been commenting and making blogs that are straight up disrespectful, cracking up fights in the blog's comments in the process.

For that reason I want to propose a few ideas on how we can reduce and maybe completely get rid of these users since Codeforces as a platform has been growing fast recently with tons of new users registering.

What Can We Do?

I have some ideas that might help.

IDEA 1 :

Offensive comments/blogs could have certain warnings asking the user to downvote and report the certain comment/blog if it is indeed offensive or disrespectful. (maybe certain words detected in the blog could be a reason to issue this warning, or just history of user)

IDEA 2 :

Authors could clean up and moderate their blogs by hiding comments and moving them to a "Hidden by Author" Tab instead of straight up deleting them so deleting comments can't be abused. These comments could be either manually selected and hidden or automatically hidden when certain words chosen by the author are detected in the comments or if a comment is by a certain user which the author has selected to be hidden.

I hope these ideas could maybe help with tidying up the place and making the community cleaner and more connected.

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