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Hey Codeforces!,

For the past years , the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology MCIT sponsored the Egyptian team to travel to IOI. However, this year, there is no transparency from the MCIT's side at all. Our tickets are not booked until now, and MCIT doesn't either confirm or deny that they will sponsor us this year.

Now, there are fewer tickets left, and the cost of traveling increases as we approach IOI. We all have been practicing really hard for IOI for the past few months. Now, there is very little time for us to make alternative plans to participate onsite.

We'd be so grateful if you helped our team to make to Indonesia this year!. You can take a look on this blog for more info. Please donate here.

Update: Thanks for your help, our team made to Indonesia's IOI'22 elhamdullah , and gained 2 bronze medals.

Thanks in advance!


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