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By CantbecomDiv1too_unlucky, history, 6 years ago, In English

Hello Codeforces

I was just wondering, Is there any kind of drugs to keep you focused during the round? a lot of times I get distracted and even I cant concentrate at all although I know the solution to the problem.

Any one tried any kind of this drugs? I read that "Nootropics" are helpful in this cases, but I didn't try it yet, and I know nothing about it's side effects, If you have any advice it would be really helpful.

P.S: I don't need something to get addicted to, just I want it to finish some of my programming projects in a tight schedule, and to improve my rating in some rounds.

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By CantbecomDiv1too_unlucky, history, 7 years ago, In English

Hello Codeforces, I have been into competitive programming for nearly three years now, and in the beginning it was an obsession for me, i spent hours and hours training, solving problems and learning new concepts, and i reached a good point, i was Div.1 for a while (yes, this is a fake account) but in the past year things changed a lot, I don't have that fighting spirit that i had before, i dropped training for a while, my rating dropped a lot, i am specialist now :( i have tried to bounce back a lot, but everything goes wrong with me now, I don't know if some of you had this kind of problems before, but if you had, could you please tell me how did you overcome it??? How to restore the fighting spirit? any help is highly appreciated.

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