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Hello Codeforces!

Back from the dead, we'd like to invite you to the online mirror of the Helvetic Coding Contest, Switzerland open championship! You can find past mirror from 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016.

The Helvetic Coding Contest used to be held yearly at EPFL. This year, the Polympiads association is bringing it back alive! The contest itself took place on April the 13th, but the online mirror is scheduled on Saturday, 4th of May, 09:05 Swiss time. The duration is 4:30.


  • you can participate in teams or individually with a single computer (1-3 people),

  • standard ACM-ICPC rules (no hacking),

  • the contest is not rated,

  • if you have participated in the onsite contest, please do not participate in the mirror.

Contrary to what the mirror's date might lead you to believe, this year's theme is Harry Potter. It features 7 series of 3 related tasks with increasing difficulty (easy/medium/hard). Note that we do not guarantee that all problems are solvable using python.

Thanks a lot to:

UPDATE: Editorial is out, also available as a PDF. Thanks all for participating!

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to the winners who solved all 21 subtasks:

  1. thinking: Ormlis, Mangooste
  2. Captain take me!: crazy_sea, A_zjzj, 275307894a
  3. japan406364961: Nyaan, kotatsugame, risujiroh
  4. Qingyu Fan Club: xinyoudui, GapGapGap, InfiniteStarlight
  5. Idea Generators Club: tedi_2.0, Denisov, Valera_Grinenko
  6. 244mhq
  7. jiangly

UPDATE 3: Also huge congratulations to the winners of the onsite round (no prewritten code or Internet access was allowed, so the conditions were a bit different):

  1. Felt smart (might un-participate later) — 20 subtasks
  2. Nameless Silly Moon — 18 subtasks
  3. ***IsEvil? — 17 subtasks
  4. Breakfast Master Toaster — 16 subtasks
  5. Hairy Stofler — 16 subtasks
  6. thethingswedoforpizza — 15 subtasks
  7. huchibuchi — 15 subtasks

We hope you enjoyed the problems, please share your thoughts in comments!

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