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Code-19 is organizing a non-profit programming contest to raise funds for Covid-19 relief in India. Any student can participate in this contest.

The problems will test participant's logical, mathematical, and very basic programming skills. The contest is sponsored by GeeksforGeeks and Kommunicate. We will be awarding amazon gift vouchers with a total worth more than Rs.5000 to the winners and other participants, depending on their performance. Exciting GeekForGeeks coupons worth Rs.300 and above to all for sure. Each participant will be certified for their contribution to this initiative.

Exciting Prizes at Code-19

The contest will be held on 8th August on CodeChef.

Register now at

Code-19 contest details

Make sure to check out our website here:

Instagram page:

Discord server:

The participation fee is just Rs.100.

Remember that the money you give will end up filling some poor's stomach, their vaccination and aid to covid infected.

We are planning to deposit all the funds to

We look forward to your participation in the contest :)

Join the discord server for contacting us!

Please feel free to contact us via mail or the Code-19 bot of our website

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