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By Daniar, history, 2 years ago, In English,

Hello CodeForces :D

I would like to invite you all to participate on Damascus-CPC 2018 contest on GYM. The contest was originally held in Syria, Damascus for Damascus University on May, 8, 2018.

Problem Setters && Testers :

Daniar Jarrous Daniar , Maala Mhrez XR_Maala , Joud Zouzou JoudZouzou , Fudail Hasan fudail225

Hussain Karra Fallah Tomah4wk , Farouk Hjabo fresher96 , Anas Kastatntin kastarino , Hussain Hussain sqr_hussain

Zain Alabedeen Ali ZieiN , Hasan Jaddouh kingofnumbers , Marsil Zakkour Marcil , Noman Jessri Noman.jessri and Mohammad Asaad .

Contest Details:

  • Time : May, 26, 2018 (12:00 hrs) (GMT+3). You can check your local time here.

  • Contest Length : 5 hours.

  • Number of Problems: 12 problems.

The contest difficulty should be similar to a Div2 Codeforces round.

I recommend participating as a team because it is a standard ACM-ICPC contest.

Hope you like the problems. Any feedback after the contest is appreciated!

Good luck and have fun !!

UPD : here is the Editorial

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