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I don't know if this trick was introduced or named earlier. But I found it interesting and decided to write a blog about it. The trick is simple and I wrote the blog simple too. Hope you don't get confused.


Please ignore the Chinese interface.

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Hi, coders from Codeforces. I am here to release yet another (useless) Chrome extension. It's called CP Jumper.

It allows you to jump between different versions of a problem. It currently supports Codeforces and Atcoder.

For Codeforces, jump between the contest version(/contest/1/problem/A), the problemset version(/problemset/problem/1/A), vjudge and luogu is supported.

For Atcoder, jump between Old UI and New UI is supported.

It is not well written. If you have any problems, please complain on Github.

Download is on Github too

Pictures are on Github as well :/

Thanks gwq2017 for the code.

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Note: This blog is just a joke :)

Hi, Codeforces. I recently found out some interesting things about the famous Russian coder 300iq. I realized that he had a strong relationship between Chinese people while himself was a Russian. Some proof here:

Proof 1 During the recent contest Helvetic Coding Contest 2019 online mirror, 300iq joined the competition with two other users. Interestingly, the other two users in the team are both Chinese IOI team members.

Proof 2 In a recent blog sent by me, I was requesting Chinese OI statements. I was expected to see a Chinese, but 300iq was the first man replied.

Proof 3 Everyone knows the 300iq contest in gym. Among the 5 testers of the contest, 4 are Chinese.

Proof 4 300iq reviewed many Chinese rounds. (For example, recently the round #564 and #573) (But of course he reviewed many Russian rounds as well)


Some ideas from comments(In fact, I don't know which are true, which are false,plz judge it by yourself :P) :

Proof C1 Most (or even all) of 300iq's streams are about solving some problems from Chinese archives. (By vintage_Vlad_Makeev)

Proof C2 In Telegram 300iq's bio is "噢不我怎么又是千年老二"(Oh no,why I am always the second) (By vintage_Vlad_Makeev) .

Proof C3 300iq has also registered a QQ(Chinese communicating app) and joined some chat groups like UOJ(a Chinese online judge) group. (By nocriz)

Proof C4 300iq can play Mahjong. (By ouuan)

Proof C5 300iq joined 2019 Chinese Nantional OI Contest. (By ouuan)

What do you know about this? :P

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By I_love_HellHoleStudios, 5 years ago, In English

Hi, any Chinese here? I am curious about Chinese OI problems English Version(like Chinese NOI or something like that). Where can I find them?

Any link or resource is appreciated.

UPD: Thanks MegaOwIer for his translation NOI2019

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Hello, this time I want to discuss the problem of contest proposals. (Maybe someone talked about this before but I want to know more)

About 11 months ago, one of my friends zhuky.RLG , djq_cpp and many red/yellow guys sent a contest proposal to Codeforces. But sadly the Codeforces coordinators ingored them and didn't reply in the following 6 months. At last they deleted the proposal.

The second thing happens more than 2 weeks ago, another friend of mine gwq2017 sent a proposal too but sadly the coordinators ingored him too. :(

But on the proposal page it says the coordinators will reply in at most 2 weeks.So I want to know why this is happening? Can admins or anyone tell me what conditions do we have to meet in detail if we want to send a contest proposal?

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By I_love_HellHoleStudios, history, 6 years ago, In English

UPD: The version 2 is released. Scroll down to find what's new

Hello, it's me again! I am here to post a new product I think it can help you with your Online Judge life. It is called Many Notifer, is an advanced version of Moving Status, which you can find it here .It supports not only Codeforces but also other online judges. Here are the online judges we supported (and is increasing!):

You can download the source code, usage and our plans in Github .

Last but not the least, thanks for gwq2017 for the Java code and Zzzyt fixing the bugs. Thanks MikeMirzayanov for the API support of Codeforces.

What's new in Version 2

We added a new Online Judge: Luogu. And thanks for Zzzyt . He found and fixed many bugs and added Javadoc for classes and functions. We reconstruct the code to make the code more readable and stable. We also optimized the code to reduce memory usage.

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Hello, everyone in Codeforces! My friends and I have released some Codeforces little tools I think may make your Codeforces life better :D. It is a set of tool contains:

  • User Collect : Find what languages/tag/verdict does a user get most

  • Get Solution : Download AC/All programs of a user

  • Submit Notifier : When a user submit a program and get the result, it will notice you. (you can customize the users)

  • Moving Status : A live status window in the right-bottom corner. (you can customize the users too)

For more details, visit and download at Github !

If you are good at Java or have suggestions, please tell me. Thanks for your support!

Thanks: thanks gwq2017 for coding, Zzzyt for art design and the friends in CSDN! Also thanks MikeMirzayanov for the wonderful Codeforces API and the platform!

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As we know, Codeforces is a big website with a lot of features. And it may takes several months or years for some newcomers to know how does Codeforces work or how to do something in Codeforces (like creating the mashup). But sadly Codeforces doesn't have a help center or tutorial for them, only in some blogs which is hard to find. So I think creating a Wiki is necessary. It will be good for both newcomers or old users.

Here are some advantages:

  • Help newcomers to understand and integrate into the community.

  • Help Codeforces become a better and more perfect website.

  • Help users to find the way to solve the problems they met quickly.

  • If we set up the Wiki on other websites(like Wikia) it won't cost Codeforces a penny.

  • Everyone can share his/her ideas.

I think it's a good idea, what about you and MikeMirzayanov ?

UPD: Thx for your support! I have created a Wiki here on Wikia: http://codeforces.wikia.com/wiki/Codeforces_Wiki.Help the Wiki get better if you can! Thx again! If you have suggestions tell me plz!

(Don't tell me off only because I am not sending blogs about contests:D)

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By I_love_HellHoleStudios, history, 6 years ago, In English

Well, I found there're some problems with the "last unsolved". It will display the problem I solved.

For example I just solved problem 1A 37353205 but on my last unsolved, it is still there. And some of my friends reported this bug too. Is it a new feature or just a bug,or it's just a problem of our explorer? MikeMirzayanov

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By I_love_HellHoleStudios, history, 6 years ago, In English

I have a friend, he is the owner of I_am_ZJS and in fact he is not "Zhao Jin Song" and he stole Zzzyt 's father's photo. This violates the rules of Codeforces and the baseline of morality! I think he should be punished.

What do you think of using others' photo as his own avatar??!! Isn't this very bad?

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