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Hello World!

Whether you're a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between, Coding is always for everyone. No //comments about it, so let’s spice things up with a coding contest. NITS HACKS 5.0 is back in association with Coding Club NIT Silchar, traversing you to an Inter College Coding Competition to develop your coding, real problem-solving abilities, and experience worth remembering.

The coding competition is open to all undergraduate programmers in India, although everyone is encouraged to participate in it. It will be split into preliminary and final rounds according to ICPC guidelines.

20 teams (Top 15 teams and 5 NITS teams) will be invited to participate in the on-site final round. These teams will be given travelling expenses (up to 1K INR per person), accommodation, local hospitality, and basic facilities by the institute.


  • A team of 2-3 members from the same college is required to participate in the contest.
  • An eligible individual may join only one team.
  • Each participant must have a Codeforces account.
  • A team must be created in Codeforces comprising of the members.
  • Finally, you should register for the contest using the formed team.
  • The team must also register in the provided Google form, failure to do so will result in the team's disqualification.

Registration and Contest Link:

Click on this link to register yourselves. You won't be considered an official participant if you don't register here. You also have to register in the Codeforces contest for taking part.

Contest Time:

The Preliminary round will be on 6th October 2022 at 20:00 IST and the Final round will be held on 22nd October 2022.

Contest Link:

Click on the link below to take part in the contest. Registration for the contest will start 6 hours before the contest.

Finally, I'd like to thank my friends agarwala2512, Noobabhi, qu_bit, and jac_nikola for setting and testing the problems.

See you on the leaderboard.

UPD1: Registration has started.

UPD2: Standings will be frozen on the last 30 minutes and problems won't be in sorted order.

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