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Given a binary string find the length of longest subsequence (NOT substring) which matches the regex 0*1*0*1*

Here * means the preceding character can occur zero or more times.

Eg input — 0101000, output — 6 (011000)
Eg input — 0101 output — 4 (0101) Constraint — Length of string = N < 10^5

My approach:

The valid string can be one of seven types:

  • 0 only zeros
  • 1 only ones
  • 01 some zeroes followed by some ones
  • 10 some ones followed by some zeros
  • 010 some zeros then some ones then some zeros
  • 101 some ones then some zeros then some ones
  • 0101 some zeros then some ones then some zeros and then some ones.

Now my dp[i][j] is the maximum length subsequence from 0 to i which forms the valid string of jth form where 0<=j<7.

My code : link

Is this approach correct and if not can someone provide a test case where this might fail. Thankyou.

P.S. This question was from a hiring test that is over now and I don't have the link to the problem.

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