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By KGZ, 5 years ago, In English

Hello CF!

There are few days before IOI-2015 and i think that each coder is waiting it like nothing else.

I think everyone remembers the shocking result from izrak (Ishraq Huda) at IOI-2014.

I hope this years IOI will be no worse than the previous one and i am waiting for surprising results from participants.

Let's try to predict TOP-5 participants of IOI-2015.

This is my version TOP-5 of IOI-2015 :

Yuhao Du — TooSimple

Andrew He — ecnerwal

Jeehak Yoon — cubelover

Yuta Takaya — yutaka1999

Ali Haghani — Haghani

And what`s your version?

P.S: My TOP-5 list compiled without Australian and Russian team because they still have not published their this years IOI team.

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