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Hello guys, this is the first time I've written a post on Codeforces so I'm sorry if I violate any unwritten laws... :penguin: jk And sorry for the bad English, hope everyone could understand :(

Whenever I solved a difficult problem, I feel a little proud of myself ("Oh yes, my handle will be painted with blood soon") and I was motivated to solve more and more problems. I'm sure everyone here feels like that too ;)

However, there are some problems that are beyond my ability so I have to read the tutorial. But a lot of tutorials only consist of full solutions for each problem. I'm not saying that writing a tutorial in that way is bad but it is better to add some hints to the tutorial like this

I believe that these small hints really helpful as:

  • People read the hints before moving to the last solution, so they can keep their brain working to solve the rest of the problem but not simply implement the idea given in the solution (sometimes the implementation is a headache itself though)

  • The hints can simulate the way of thinking solution

  • Maintain the fun of solving problems partially by yourself :lol:

Somebody told me not to read the whole solution but the first few lines instead. However, people may accidentally glance through everything and therefore their thinking is oriented towards what they have just looked at. Additionally, sometimes the whole idea of the problem could be found in the first few lines.

So I hope that the tutorial writer could spend a little more time writing some hints for each problem. A lot of people (and me!) would be grateful for your effort and we can have enough blood to paint our handle asap :D

And it could be great if the hints become a part of a "standard tutorial"!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to share your thought about this.

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