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By Q.E.D, 12 years ago, In English

Hello everyone! I've been participating in CodeForces round for one year.I'm terribly fond of this platform(mostly because it has a rating system and supports Pascal,which is my most-marstered language :P) and I'd like to put forward some suggestions:

1.Users can search solutions by language on the "Final standings" page.

2.One user can choose a virtual contest and participating in it with some other users at the same time,and in a room!!This makes the virtual contest more exciting.

3.It seems that one can take part in a certain virtual contest only one time.How about add a "Clear" selection like the TopCoder practice room?
  UPD.As for the standing , only the standing of the first time virtual participation can be added in "Final standings"

4.Add a link of the corresponding contest final standings on the problemset/problem statement page.

5.A round consisting of Div.1 and Div.2 is perfect!

6.Provide a complete view of data set in the solution dialog,which will be more convenient for users(Some large input data always end up with "...").

7.Users can search blogs by key words of title or author besides tags.

8.Make an official Editorial page(from ~shafaet_du)

At last,I ask for more frequent CF rounds , 'cause I really like it!

BTW,I'll update this blog as soon as new ideas occur to me. (Why these letters are red,how to change them to black?I'm not familiar with Codeforces Markup )

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