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Is the mastering in details the best way of assess a good programmer? Perhaps, but not at least in algorithm programming. 

It's awful and cruel that some precision error of C or C++ led us to WA:
9400 * 0.99 = 9306
C, C++: (int)(9400 * 0.99) = 9305 Perhaps in other languages too.

High experienced programmers eventually know about this kind of bit manipulation of doubles in C & C++, but even the exact power of ten could be unknown:

LayCurse used 1e-13. Wrong Answer

In my personal opinion, I started programming one year and a half ago, and being two hours in this stressful situation it's disappointing for lovers of CS.

To contestants, enjoy this TopCoder Tutorials:

To problem setters:
Giving more data sets doesn't make a problem less difficult, just help to the problem solver to be focus and don't give wrong approaches, even allow to fix redaction or translation issues. 

Congratulations to all the CodeForces community. High rating to all of us :D

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