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You are given a tree of A nodes having A-1 edges.Each node is numbered from 1 to A where 1 is root of tree. You are given Q queries. In each query, you will be given a unique integer j. You are required to remove the jth numbered edge from the tree. This operation will divide a tree into two different trees. For each query once you perform the remove operation you are asked to tell the maximum size among the sizes of the trees present till that query.


  1. once an edge is removed it will be considered removed for all the further queries.
  2. it is guaranteed that each edge will be printing to exactly two different nodes of tree.
  3. edges are numbered from 1 to A-1.

Input format:-

  • first line input argument are an integer A denoting the number of nodes and an integer Q denoting number of queries.
  • second & third argument are the integer arrays B & C where for each i (0 <= i <= A-1) , i denotes the (i+1)th edge and B[i] & C[i] are the nodes connected by it.
  • fourth argument is an integer array D of distinct elements where D[i] denotes the number of edges to be removed for the ith query.

print answers for each query.


2<= A <= 10^5
1<= B[i] , C[i] <=A
1<= D[i] , Q <=A-1


5 2
1 3 3 5
3 2 4 1
1 3

3 2

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Given a tree T containing N nodes numbered [1,2..,N] rooted at node 1 . Each edge has a value associated with it.You are also given a number K. You need to find the maximum weight you can collect in K-steps .When you traverse an edge, it is counted as 1 step.

1. you should start from root node.
2. you can traverse an edge from parent to child or child to parent.
3. you can traverse an edge multiple times.
4. weights of edges are always positive integer.


Input format:

  1. first line contain N,K i.e number of nodes, number of steps respectively.
  2. next N-1 lines contain three integers a,b,c i.e there is an edge between 'a' and 'b' with weight 'c'.

Output format:

maximum weight collected in K-steps.

6 3
1 2 5
1 3 6
2 4 15
2 5 1
3 6 11

Output: 35


Traversal for max. weight collection: [1-2-4-2]. Thus weight collected 5+15+15=35

How to solve this question? Plz Help. Thanks in advance.

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