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By Shy_Girl, history, 2 months ago, In English

Hey CF Community,

It's very very annoying to see, some stupid Newbies & even some Pupils still Copy Paste their 100 — 150 Lines of Code directly in the Comment Section.

Please Stop this nonsense, A 10 y/o old kid would understand this Simple Thing if told once. Don't know, why these guys don't understand !

If you're a Newbie & you're seeing this, Do keep this in mind to avoid being stupid in the Future. If You don't know how to use, just ask someone before posting your Codes.

Hope, It'll end from now


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By Shy_Girl, history, 3 months ago, In English

Hello CF Community, I'm addressing Indian Competitive Programmers through this Blog, so non-Indians may not be aware of what I am talking about, so sorry for that !

I know this question has been a Hot Topic among Indian College Students & have been asked many times, but still I want to take views from my fellow Indian Students who are doing CP. Please Don't Downvote :(, you can ignore this if you want.

Long Story Short, Currently, I'm a Third Year Computer Science Student in India, I don't like my Core CS Subjects or more formally I haven't studied it thoroughly. I came to know from Internet that Learning DS & Algorithms helps in getting placements.

I am from a 3rd tier College, where chances of On Campus Placements are almost Zero, but still I have 1 year in hand. I started CP from Placement Perspective but I'm enjoying it now, but my main focus is on Placements, I don't think CP would be Beneficial for me if I am not getting any benefits from it regarding Placements.

Although I know, LeetCode is good from Interview Perspective but I love CodeForces too, so, I compete here too, but I am still a Newbie, although I am focusing on it to be better at it.

My Straight Forward Questions are that -:

  1. Can I get Off Campus Placements if I have only CP & DS — Algo Knowledge & not core Subjects Knowledge ? If yes, What rating would you think (Rating == Knowledge) is enough for Interviews ?

  2. Should I focus on GATE more for M.Tech Opportunities & focus on CP less ? cuz I have heard, getting Off Campus Placements is almost Impossible !

  3. Also, What skills do Companies look for in a Guy so that they offer you a Job, I'm talking about Product Based Companies mainly (decent paying companies LOL honestly speaking)!

  4. Although I have many Questions to ask, but I don't remember them now, I'll add them Later on, If you are on the same boat as mine, feel free to put your views here !

  5. MoreOver, I would like to get views from Experienced Guys like HealthyUG to guide me on this !

I am Sorry if you feel I shouldn't have asked these questions here :(

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