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Hi everyone!

This summer I participated in the program AddisCoder 2019. It is a five-week intensive summer camp where high school students from different regions of Ethiopia learning the basics of programming and algorithms. Next summer the program will be held as well.

It was an amazing experience because I met a lot of cool and passionate students, teaching assistants and professors. As for TAs, we were working on problems for students, helping them with exercises, giving mini-lectures and had a lot of fun exploring Ethiopia together in our free time.

Students chosen for this program are good. They were selected by the Ministry of Education based on their achievements during studying in high school or applied themselves. Some students never used a computer before the program still being quite good at maths and it was exciting to see their advancement from that level to ability to write some simple algorithms. After the program, they have an opportunity to continue study in the best universities in the world.

One of the organizers of this program is Jelani Nelson. He is a computer science professor who used to compete a lot on TopCoder and now runs this program. Teaching assistants are chosen from all over the world and some of them are also part of the competitive programming community. So I want to inspire you to apply as Reyna did it this year for me.

The exact dates of the program are not chosen yet, but it will likely be the middle of July to middle of August, for 5 weeks. The foundation will cover the flight and the hotel. If you need you can also ask for a stipend.

Apply here:

For more details or some photos you can check out

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