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Here is the statement https://wcipeg.com/problem/coi08p3

I found it very interesting, because restrictions are big. I was thinking about using array d[i] — number of cells with distance i to them, but I cannot recalculate it for one rectangle quickly.

So if you have any ideas, please share them

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In this short article, I want to introduce you Python and provide some basic steps to start learning.
First of all, consider the advantages of Python:
Crossflatformed, easy-to-read, popular, contains lots of methods to make web-apps, games(include Android) and, of course, you can do Python for a living, Python-developers are needed to work in Google, Yandex etc.
The main disadvantage of this language is speed. If your project or program requires fast implementation, you have to use C++, C or other fast languages.

After this introduction, you might imagine how it's easy to work in a big company using only Python — of course, it's not true, you should study lots of other things in Computer Science, but Python provides to every person methods to complete their own projects.

Now, consider some tricks which we can use in competitive programming to decrease the time of making your program
1. If your task requires repeat string n times, you don't have to use cycles like "for" or "while", you may only write:

 s = n * s

In this case, if n = 5 and s = "ab", the result of the program will be:

s = "ababababab"

Quite easier than other languages, isn't it?
2. Consider case if you need to replace two variables. Quite simple in every language, isn't it?
For example swap() function in C++. But what if you need to replace 3 or four variables? To make a, b, c, d equal to b, c, d, a.
Quite difficult in C++, but in Python just write:

a, b, c, d = b, c, d, a

That's all!
So, if a was 1, b was 2, c was 3, d was 4 then after this code it will be 2, 3, 4, 1 respectively.

Hope, now you're interested in Python!
Now you can download IDE from https://www.python.org/getit/ and try to complete your first program using such textbooks:
In Russian this one: https://pythonworld.ru/samouchitel-python

I hope I made you interested in Python because I am going to make such posts every week, consider some interesting tasks and provide useful books or notes.
See you soon :)

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Congratulations Petr to the first place on Codeforces!

Remind, in result Codeforces Round #363 (Div. 1) Petr became the best on CF, solved all of problems.

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Hi all!

In two days, at 19:35 MSK Codeforces Round #339 (Div. 1 & Div. 2) will take place. This is an unusual round since we — the problemsetters — are highschool students who participate in the programming training group at high school #179. This round is our first effort and we did our best to make it interesting and bug-free. I invite you all to compete in this round since the problems will be solvable, but even tourist will have to think over some of them. :)

With supervision and control from Mikhail Tikhomirov (Endagorion), the problems were developed by: Egor Chunaev (ch_egor), Vasily Alferov (platypus179), Dmitry Sayutin (cdkrot), Timofey Gutor (Tigutor), Maria Fedorkina (crossopt). Mikhail Sorokin (themikemikovi4) and Sergey Aleikin (Derrior) contributed their problem ideas.

We thank Gleb Evstropov (GlebsHP) for his help in preparing the contest, Maria Belova (Delinur) for translating the statements in English, AlexFetisov and winger for testing, and, of course, MikeMirzayanov for unique CodeForces and Polygon systems.

Round will have standard Codeforces rules, with pretests at first, and final tests afterwards. Take care to account for all possible cases.

Best of luck to everyone!

UPD Points for problems are

Div 2. 500-1000-1750-2250-2250, Div 1. 750-1250-1250-2000-2500

UPD Congratulations winners! standings


  1. TankEngineer

  2. KAN

  3. Petr

  4. Um_nik

  5. snuke

  6. matthew99

  7. jcvb

  8. superpear

  9. pashka

  10. fsouza


  1. mingaleg

  2. Ronnoc

  3. BoQiR

  4. maks1906

  5. zloyplace35

  6. huansuz1

  7. 2016

  8. Danlark

  9. MrPapaya

  10. bohuss

UPD Editorial

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