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Some weird cheating cases have gone unnoticed lately the example of these two accounts Kamal.Saad and Laggay these two have been astoundingly lately but the idea is that it's not the same person that owns the account that is entering the competitions and of course he can't be caught cheating because he basically doesn't well how do we know simply because we actually know the guy, take for example these two submissions.



same person two different writing styles to be completely honest i don't know why is he doing it and why would someone help him do that and what does that other guy gain but all i know it's a really shitty thing to do that might disappoint people who are actually working hard and deserve to preform better but are not due to people like these.

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This is a call for help for those who can.

two teams from my college were able to qualify for the ACPC this year in sharm el sheikh however the college only accepted to fund only 3 teams but refused to provide financial support for these two hence we are asking you the great Problem Solving Community for help for those two teams.

the First Team :


the Second Team :


So if you can help us to have a chance to compete in ACPC please donate.


You can donate here :

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