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Umi's blog

By Umi, history, 7 months ago, In English,

Disclaimer: Please don't try this at home. I just found this occasion quite sad and want to share it with you guys :D (mostly to parody our idol _Kuroni_, please like the _Kuroni_ fanpage here on facebook).

So today I was playing osu!. I got like a few PBs, and passed a map that I thought was very hard, so my mood was pretty good. I was kind of tired after like 6 hours of osu!, but I can keep playing. Like any other normal human being, I decided to check facebook and codeforces to take a short break from osu!, then I realized that Codeforces Round #574 (Div. 2) starts in 7 minutes (not really, it was like 30 minutes, but I had to take a shower). I could have skipped the contest and continued playing osu!, but I'm better at competitive programming than osu!, so the contest was prioritied.

Like any other people living with an allowance of 9.92USD/day from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (one can feed him/herself 3 meals a day for 4 day with that kind of money here in Vietnam), we IOI participants can afford to buy a 2.25 litters bottle of coke for ~1USD and have one in ours fridge at anytime. I had coke and a contest about to start so of course I poured myself a nice cup of coke and go back to my laptop. Then for whatever reason I spilled my coke and the whole table is covered in coke. Well not the first time I get liquid ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on my laptop. I was like:

I stared at the mess for like 1 second, then I disconnected my laptop charger in like 0.25s, disconnect my mouse and headset from the laptop in another 0.25s, use my leg to unplug the charger at the same time, then poured coke out of the laptop (I guess playing osu! do give me faster reaction time). Since my laptop battery is broken, I didn't have to turn it off, but that also mean I don't have a way to tell if it can still work or not. I just left my laptop to dry when I cleaned the table and the floor and my mouse, hoping for the best.

It kind of worked out though, I got my system working and only lost 15 minutes of contest times. I poured myself a cup of coke, this time did not spilled it, and began working on the contest. I read F and knew just what to do, so I began coding immediately. Then I realized that my mouse wasn't working well, I had to replug the mouse to use it for like 3s before it die again. Call me a noob, but I think using the mouse speedup a lots of things. Still I got Pretest passed (at the time of writing this, I did not know the final verdict) on all problems, which is kind of good.

However, it turns out my dedication was for nothing, since I am unrated anyway, solving 6 problems in div 2 for the ??-th times and at no point reaching top 10. There's not much to say afterwards, I got nothing to win or lose with or without failed system test(s).

So you could say I literally traded my computer (not really) for nothing. Please don't do this unless you are, well, like me or something.

PS0: I've got everything working perfectly fine for now.

PS1: Please do follow the facebook fanpage, 3/6 admins there are in the Vietnamese IOI teams this year, so you can say we do really love _Kuroni_ (no homo though (not like there's anything wrong with that)).

PS2: I did get Accepted on all problems, which is nice.

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