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POJ挑战赛Round #1将在2013年6月2日 北京时间14:00举行。


这次比赛由Sths (胡天翔)组织发起,并且下面是出题人:

A, B, C ---- lcch (陈灏)

D, E, F ---- velicue (陈鸣)







POJ Challenge Contest #1 will take place on Sunday, June 2th at 14:00BST


This round is initiated by Sths (Hu Tianxiang), and here are the problem setters:

A, B, C ---- lcch (Chen Hao)

D, E, F ---- velicue (Chen Ming)

Testers are Liao Ninglin, Zou leqi, Huang Yicheng, Hu Tianxiang, Chen Hao, Chen Ming. We express our thanks to them!

The contest will be scored as an ACM/ICPC contest. So every problem matters equally.

The difficulty of problems in this contest will vary largely from the easiest to the hardest. We tried to adjust the difficulty of the problems in order to match the skills of the majority. There won't be problems way too hard, so we expect some full score contestants.

This is our first POJ challenge Contest round, I hope you can enjoy it. Wish you good luck! And don't forget to tell people around you so they can know this contest.

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