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Hello Codeforces!

The Algorithms and Coding Club, IIT Delhi (ANCC) in collaboration with Tryst, IIT Delhi, will host LOCKOUT and would like to invite you all for the same.

Lockout is a bracket tournament where contenders will solve CP problems to earn a higher score and secure their position in the next round. Participants will receive a set of problems to solve within a fixed time frame, with each problem carrying a set number of points. The first participant to solve a problem earns the points. Before the main event, a preliminary round will be held, and the top 16 participants will advance to the tournament.

Lockout Prelims Details:(Online)

The Lockout Prelims will be hosted on the Codeforces platform. The contest will serve as an online preliminary round for an on-site final. It will be an ICPC style 2 hour long contest. The top 16 participants with the highest scores will proceed to the onsite tournament.

Lockout Tournament Details:(Offline)

  • Date & Time : 29-31st March.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Mode: Offline
  • Platform: Codeforces and Discord
  • Prize worth: 40k+ INR

Stay tuned for our upcoming CP events, ICPC-de-Tryst (ICPC styled team contest) and Codemod (Project Euler style contest) during Tryst (29-31st March).

UPD : Contest Registration Link : https://codeforces.com/contestInvitation/f0ae7b221f308a925f3be2ec313bfc9ac44d46d1

UPD 2 : Congratulations to the winners!

Global Top 5

Place Participant
1 Ra16bit
2 jtnydv25
3 Kira_1234
4 mohit_jx64
5 IceKnight1093

Prize Winners

  1. jtnydv25 — 5000 INR

  2. Kira_1234 — 3000 INR

  3. IceKnight1093 — 2000 INR

We will be soon contacting the top-16 Indian participants for the onsite round to confirm their participation. In case someone opts out we will be contacting the next available participants for the same.

UPD 3 : Editorial

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