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hey , i have a doubt regarding misere nim games .. to find the condition for losing position .. i have an approach which is giving me a wrong answer it s like this assign grundy number for each individual pile of size k and it will be k-1 since in our case a pile of size 1 is our terminal position (so for 1 grundy(1)=0 remaining elements grundy(k)=k-1 by ) so if the xorsum of all grundy numbers is 0 then it is a losing position else it is a winning position( according to some sprague grundy theorem i understood only some part of it ) .. but this approach is giving me wrong answer and i have searched over the internet and found some other approach it's like count no of one s and do something.......to get answer .. I want to know why my approach is wrong ....Is it okay to think about misere him games as normal nim games with the terminal position changed...or can't we apply sprage grundy theorem for misere games ?? link to the question :http://www.spoj.com/problems/MMMGAME/

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