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Problem Statement You are given array a of n integers. You need to split the array into 2 arrays (one of which may be empty) such that sum of product of these 2 arrays is maximum. Formally, you need to find l such that sum of a1⋅a2⋅⋯⋅al and al+1⋅al+2⋅⋯⋅an is maximum over all valid choices for l. Note that an empty array has a product of 0.

Output Print the maximum sum of product of the arrays mod 1e9+7.

Constraints 1≤n≤1e5 , 1≤|ai|≤1e9
I tried to solve this problem by pre-calculating prefix product and suffix product modulo M(1e9+7) and taking the maximum among every i (1<=i<=n).But still its showing me WA for large inputs of a[i]. Can anyone suggest me where am I making a mistake ?
Thanks in Advance. 

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