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Hello Coders,

I hope you all are doing well. So here I have got something for you guys. I have tried to fasten your coding and testing in vs code (for cpp coders) by giving out a little advance template in cpp, which you can always edit as per your convenience. Plus, I have added an extra comment at the start of your code snippet, so that you don't have to copy-paste the command every time from a different source to compile your code with different g++ flags (thanks andreyv for this).

So please have a look over the extension and give your valuable comments on how can we improve it. I am always open to suggestions and user feedback. Link for the extension: https://github.com/Ajitesh13/cppcode

Note:- Lookout for a lot of extra features would be coming soon, to make coding/debugging less time consuming for you and that will enable you to invest more time in problem-solving.

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